Copper Foundation Vent / Basement Vent

•made out of 16-ounce copper
•mesh patterned screen
•stucco or flush mount available
•great for foundations venting, soffit venting & basement... Read More
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  • made out of 16-ounce copper
  • mesh patterned screen
  • stucco or flush mount available
  • great for foundations venting, soffit venting & basement vents

The flush mount should be purchased if the siding of your building is already installed, or if your building is brick or stone. The stucco mount model has a flashing and is meant to be installed prior to the siding installation. This mount can best be used with stucco wood siding or vinyl siding.  Stucco mount vents must be installed underneath siding and water-proofing.


Foundation Vent Stucco Mount Specification Sheet

Foundation Vent Flush Mount Specification Sheet

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