Installation Instructions and Videos

Round Base & Square Base Flashing

STEP 1: Cut to pipe diameter marked on the flashing (this is approximately 20% smaller than the diameter of the pipe).
STEP 2: Slide the boot down the pipe, using water to lubricate if necessary.
STEP 3: Form & bend the aluminum base of the flashing to fit the surface of the roof.
STEP 4: Seal the boot by applying urethane or silicone sealant between the flashing & the roof. Use a large slot screwdriver to press the base down tightly.
STEP 5: Fasten the boot with weather-resistant fasteners to complete the seal.

Square Base Retrofit Flashing

STEP 1: Choose appropriate size retrofit flashing. If necessary trip opening to be about 20% smaller than the pipe diameter.
STEP 2: Wrap the flashing around the pipe and install all snap rivets to seal the flange.
STEP 3: Press the retrofit boot down, bending it to conform to the roof profile and/or roof irregularities. A blunt tool will help press the flashing into tight roof angles.
STEP 4: Apply silicone or urethane sealant between the base of the flashing and the roof.
STEP 5: Use fasteners to complete the sealing. For UPC installation, fastener spacing shall not exceed 1½".
STEP 6: Install supplied cable tie at the upper-most part of the flashing and apply sealant to any gaps.

Round Base Retrofit Flashing

STEP 1: Begin cutting opposite of the mechanical locking joiner. Cut through the joiner with tin snips.
STEP 2: Wrap the flashing around the pipe. Engage the top section of the joiner first, then proceed down until the joiner is completely engaged.
STEP 3: Crimp joiner tightly, starting at the top by squeezing joiner "fingers" with pliers.
STEP 4: Apply sealant to the underside of the ribbed aluminum base. Press the boot against contours of the panel configuration.
STEP 5: Attach the flashing to the panel with self-drilling screws. Screws should be spaced as necessary to avoid gaps between the base and the panel.
STEP 6: Apply additional sealant around the top of the flashing and along the mechanical locking joiner seam.