Stove or Chimney Pipe Applications

In any application where temperature is a concern you must refer to the temperature range testing to determine which boot is needed. Check out the Materials Specifications Chart which offers the temperature ranges of EPDM and Silicone. Our flashings are rated to be used with type B vents (double wall).

To summarize, any application with temperatures that consistently stay below 212º F and/or over -65º F should be able to use a standard EPDM flashing. Instances in which the temperatures consistently go above 212º F up to 437º F and below -100º F will need to use a Silicone flashing. Any applications that will reach over 437º F and/or under -100º F should not be used with any of the pipe flashings available on this site.


Advance Ozone Resistance

Test at 500 pphm

70 hours 70 hours
High Temperature

  Intermittent: 275+ degrees F 500+ degrees F
  Continuous: 212+ degrees F 437+ degrees F
Low Temperature

  Resistance Tested to: 65- degrees F 100- degrees F
  Tensile Strength: 1,450 psi 700 psi