SMART-TARP™ Self-Adhering Roof Tarp

The SMART-TARP™ Self-Adhering Roof Tarp is impervious to water. It is made of a durable virgin resin polyethylene with flame-retardant and a UV protectant, plus a proprietary adhesive strip that goes around the entire perimeter. The high-quality...
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The SMART-TARP™ Self-Adhering Roof Tarp is a 10’x10’ tarp with a durable polyethylene membrane with UV protection and an adhesive strip around the entire perimeter. Our roof tarp is built to withstand material degrading effects from UV rays for at least 12 months, backed by a one-year warranty. No additional tools, nails, or screws are required for installation.

Passed 110 mph Wind Test
SMART-TARP™ Self-Adhering Roof-Tarp passed the highest level of Intertek’s one-hour and five-minute TAS 100A test in West Palm Beach, FL.

Quick and Easy Installation
Reduce your roof tarp installation materials and labor costs. Installation is as easy as peeling off the release liner and sticking the roof tarp to the roof’s surface. No nails, sandbags, hammers, wood, drills, tape, screws, or saws are needed. The SMART-TARP™ Self-Adhering Roof-Tarp and a ladder are all required for installation.

One-Year Warranty
This limited one-year warranty from the installation date covers deterioration from UV rays.